Esmiralda and Jan are the driving force behind Q.VADYZZ, the company that distributes the Oberon Biofeedback System and the Flow2Heal. Esmiralda has long been active in the accountancy and insurance sectors. Jan was previously active in the mining and financial sector in Canada for 28 years

Both partners share a year long passion for health and have turned it into a profession partly based on their own experiences. They REMEMBER their first steps in the world of healthy food until they realized that food alone couldn’t provide a conclusive answer to many diseases or just stay healthy.

Convinced of a holistic approach and the power of self-healing, they entered the world of bio-resonance and quantum physics. The Oberon and Flow2Heal came their way, which is a perfect addition to the regular healing methods.

This passion fully explain and shared with you our experience of the Oberon and the Flow2Heal for which we arrange an appointment with you at your address, to also explicate the support of the energetic DROPS 15 to wards a better healing.

Our passion is to offer people an approach that enables them to recover naturally. We do this with new methods and products combined with lifestyle advice, such as nutrition and energy in and around the home. We have experienced all of this ourselves and would like to pass it on to others. Especially that we always choose for pure an down to earth supplies and application.

We are happy to take care of our customers by visiting you at home. For a healing session and tailor-made advice.