Animals live in the energy of the present and that makes them sensitive to their environment. There they are influenced by people’s energies and everything that goes on there.

It is important for humans and all animals to treat the whole area, space and surrounding has to be treated as well. In this approach of transformation everyone involved has to treated to achieve optimum result solution that includes, owner, jockey, caretakers, etc…

Oberon and Flow2Heal therapy give animals a natural way to recover. Wouldn’t it be surprising that pets / animals are cared for in a non-invasive but just as effective way? Oberon and Flow2Heal animal software can easily detect animal imbalances.

By measuring the frequency of the organs, the feedback makes it possible to read which frequencies are the same and which are irrelevant.



With the total solution, we are going to transform every disturbing factor in that environment, promoting the self-healing capacity of humans and animals. This way, the full potential of each animal can be realized perfectly.

So we work in the following areas:

  • Each animal individually.
  • His physical environment.
  • The people around the animal and horse.
  • Its drinking water.
  • His transport.

That is modular and expandable depending on the size of the farm, the project, the number of animals, and the specific method.This results in a total solution for each project.

It is recommended that all these steps be carried out simultaneously. They are simple and efficient applications for both private individuals and professional projects. It is a modular construction system.

  • A complete transformation of the radiation load of the horses with the pendant power tags according to the Penta power step-by-step plan.
  • Transforming all energetic loads in and around the stables with the AQwaVit and AQwaVit Industrial Home Cleanse devices.
  • The energetic field of the horses and all involved being purified and optimize with the AURA SPRAY 15.
  • Treat the horses drinking water with specific quantum information and energy that stimulates their self-healing capacity.
  • Treatment of each animal with hyper-personalized information, and beneficial Flow2Heal energy.
  • If necessary, according to the advice of the Flow2Heal system, administer the necessary DROPS 15 energetic drops.