AQWAVIT / industrial home cleanse

Invisible frequencies

More and more people are discovering that all kinds of invisible energies from outside influence our health and wellbeing. Just think of the radiation from mobile phones, wifi, bluetooth, and G5. All kinds of other frequencies in our drinking water too.

As Dr Emoto’s work has shown, water has a memory and holds energetic information.

All those invisible vibrations, frequencies, ‘escape’ from the traditional purification processes of the water treatment plants. which we obtain this with the drinking the water, including the disharmonious information.

AQwaVit Watervitaliser

AQwaVit vitaliser is designed to transform this energetic stress into energetic harmonic energies that enhance health and vitality.

AQwaVit vitaliser is placed against the water pipeline and immediately does its transforming, healing work. What enriches water with harmonic energy, soft and tastier. This harmoniously coherent energy field also works in and around the home and arround the company buildings too.


Changing the energy field of your environment.

Did you ever notice that some areas in your home or building have an uncomfortable or cold feeling?

This is usually due to the fact that these houses or buildings are burdened with invisible energies. This creates disharmony in your home, in your building. For example: you can’t sleep well, or you get health problems. When it comes to businesses buildings, for example, a shop what draws few customers or it reduces the vitality of the employees during working hours. These are all related to the invisible energies.

AQwaVit Industrial Home Cleanse and the AQwaVit Refresh is designed to transform this energetic burden (load, charges) into the harmonic energy that increases health and vitality.