Supports and strengthens the energetic vitality of all cells.

  • Restores the energy and vibration level of all cells.
  • Harmonization of the Immune System.
  • Centering of all the anxiety points, relaxing and relaxing.
  • All forms of acute conditions.
  • Elimination of fungi, yeasts and parasites and their toxins.
  • Relief of pain and inflammation.
  • Causal solution of traumas stored in the cellular memory.

You can take this preventively or curatively,works good in conjuction with cleanse15.



Take 7 drops 3 times a day or as directed by your therapist.

All drops reinforce each other and work together in harmony.

When placing a therapy session you will get a discount on the DROPS 15, the Spray’s are excluded.

Pure water to which information added.


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