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Quantum physics teaches us that matter is only composed of energy and information. If this energy or information is disharmonious, this manifests as disharmonious situations and circumstances. We often feel this unconsciously but cannot express explicitly what exactly is going on.

In order to feel good and be successful, we need the places where we work and live to provide profound support systems. AQwaTech developed the patented AQwaVit® Industrial Home Cleanse-unit after years of research and testing. This appliance can be hired for the six-week period of the Home Cleanse cycle.

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The first Industrial Home Cleanse is for a period of 6 weeks. Followed by the refresh period for an other six weeks Industrial Home Cleanse. In total the home cleanse lasts 12 weeks.

Please note that you must have the AQwaVit Water Vitaliser on the water supply to optimize the process of transformation and keep the energy harmonious during and after the process.

After years of research and testing, AQwaTech has developed and the patented the AQwaVit® Industrial Home Cleanse unit. This unit is rented for the duration of the Home Cleanse cycle (six weeks).



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