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The first consultation

In consultation with you, the first consultation will take place at your home or will take place remotely at an agreed time. This consultation includes:

  1. Measurement and treatment of your energy system.
  2. Any advice – based on the measurement – about the use of drops and sprays of the Drops 15 program.
  3. An energetic measuring of your entire body using the biofeedback program of the Oberon. You can watch this on the screen.
  4. Explanation of the backgrounds of the Drops 15 program and the other products and services of Q. Vadyzz.

After the first consultation

The bottles of Drops 15 contain enough for 3 to 4 weeks. After that, another measurement will take place with a treatment by the system of Flow2Heal, and there will be new advice about the droplets for the coming period.

In principle, these follow-up measurements will be done remotely at a prearranged time.

Interim advice and service

The experiences with the effect of the droplets are very personal. After all, there is a cleaning, re-construction process takes place that is unique for you and your body and mind.

We are always available by mail to answer questions.

If necessary, we will consult the Oberon on the state of your body.

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