Regular medicine does not always offer a conclusive answer to our physical and mental health questions. This is partly due to the fact that the medical world has lost contact with the folks medicine that was handed down and applied by our ancestors for thousands of years.


All living organisms produce specific and measurable vibrations at the molecular level. This includes our own brain, tissues, and organs. This phenomenon is called bio-resonance. The frequency of these vibrations depends on our physiological state of the moment. Reading these frequencies gives a clear picture of the mental and physical state in which we find ourselves. By bringing the deviating vibrations back to their original level deep and lasting healing can be achieved.


Our physical and mental health is increasingly under threat. Wrong, processed and impoverished food, genetic manipulation, harmful spray, excessive fertilization… are not conducive to our wellbeing.

Even harmful radiation clearly leaves its destructive marks. All kinds of frequencies and resonances interfere with our body’s own vibrations. Think of smartphones, cordless phones, tablets, power lines, and solar panels.

All these negative influences are often underestimated and not recognized by mainstream Western medicine. The Oberon takes all these influences specifically into consideration and helps to combat them.

The FLOW2HEAL works on the basis of Quantum Physics, which registered the results at the end right at the moment of the treatment.