Unit Appliance

The original OBERON and its technology were initially developed in Russia and are still being manufactured there. Afterwards, the system was further refined in order to reach its current level of precision. The device consists of 3 parts; the hardware box, the headset and a cup, however, it can be expanded with the FLOW2HEAL. For better and more visible result.

Hardware Box

The hardware box contains all the specific electronics components, chips, and circuits that activate the Oberon software and enable a highly accurate vetting of the vibrations.

Head Set

All screening and test are preformed via the headset, which is designed to detect the body’s own frequencies for further analysis. Through the headset of the OBERON system, the client receives resonances. The body provides feedback. This makes it possible to measure the difference between the original vibration levels and the different feedback vibrations produced by diseased organs of tissues.


The Cup

This allows you to imprint of the measured result such as bacteria, viruses, etc. invert on water. You should add alcohol to the water to preserve the frequencies in the water longer. Water has the ability to release programmed frequencies within a short period of time. We replaced the cup with the FLOW2HEAL.


We use the FLOW2HEAL. The advantages is. First of all the imprint frequencies on the water remain in the water and do not deteriorate in quality over months or even years. We only need pure water that has been treated and not alcohol or other chemicals at all. We can also imprint the Oberon’s powerful meta therapy in the water so that the client can continue to supply the therapy which he/she has undergone by the therapist, repeat at home until the following visit at the therapist. FLOW2HEAL brings the vibration of the Meta-Therapy to a higher vibration.