This is also possible to undergo treatment for healthy people or animals( Horses too) they will benefit from it. It is good daily practice for people with a healthy lifestyle.  You will be surprised by the results that will be seen or felt.


Your choice can be with the Oberon and the Flow2Heal or separately. To get the best result is if you use the combination of both systems, which can be made visible too.

What are the advantages :

  • Restore your energy balance.
  • Making visible where the cause lies.
  • Strengthens and stimulates your self-healing capacity.
  • Works as a painkiller.
  • Works with sensitive-personalized information.
  • The session can also be done remotely.
  • DROPS 15 + PERSONAL 15 energetic drops for further support at home. 
  • The DROPS 15 ( + personal 15) contains no alcohol NO CHEMICALS, save to use for children and animals.

Please contact us for an appointment or a remote treatment.


The products, services and treatments of Q.Vadyzz in particular the Oberon Biofeedback system, Drops 15, Flow2Heal, Penta Power, AQwaVit, Home/industrial, Pool System, Animal / Horse Balance cleanse are based on quantum physics. They take into account the body’s own vibration and are a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet. They take into account the life energy of nature let everything what lives, grows and flourishes. Their application is non-invasive, without the use of harmful chemicals, without pollution of EMS or other electro smog and without side effects. They support the healing process without any side effects. However, they are not intended to replace qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If in doubt, consult your specialist.